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We only supply units that we can obtain the relevant spares/service technicians Why when purchasing A/C do a majority of people not take into account the spares issue. The shops here in Spain will advise you that the guarantee will be no problem to you, but in reality when the unit fails you are left with an expensive piece of scrap. Imagine you are over for a week or two; the A/C has failed and now comes the nightmare of visiting the shop from where you purchased the system, lost receipt, language barrier, mañana, mañana. The two weeks have passed no engineer arrived, you have been roasting at night and you are on your way home, contemplating the same scenario you will have to go through on your next visit. You wouldn’t purchase a car that you couldn’t get spares for, why do it with A/C  That is why we only install systems that our supplier can obtain spares/service technicians should the need arise. The procedure is you contact us, we attend to ascertain the problem, if we cant get you up and running our supplier will fax/email your details to the relevant department. Within days, you will be up and running again, all it took was one phone call. Please be advised, as with all guarantees the first two years are comprehensive, the remaining years are compressor only.  

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