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Most of us never think how important our air conditioning is, until it mal-functions. Regular servicing can help prevent a breakdown; it can also improve the efficiency of your system and extend its life.
A maintenance program is now available to any customer with any type of system, old or new. The Program consists of two visits per year, where an engineer will check the complete system. In the event of any problems e.g., loss of gas, replacement of filters etc, the service engineer will firstly obtain authorisation from the client or designated agent notifying them of additional costs, before continuing.
The gas refrigerant and filters should be checked on a regular basis, loss of gas or blocked filters will cause the machine to run high and take longer to reach the required temperature, using more electricity.
Eventually, a greater problem will occur and cost a lot more money to resolve in comparison to having a preventive maintenance program. Preventive maintenance helps to prevent breakdown and will improve the efficiency of your system, also extending its life in the process. It saves the customer money, and best of all, they will enjoy the peace of mind knowing that their systems will function efficiently when they need it most. 

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