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Pre-Installed Systems Please allow us to explain the pre-installed system. When the building is under construction the A/C pipe work, internal drainage, plastic conduit for communicating & power cables are built into the fabric of the property. The A/C engineer will need to check certain aspects before commencing the installation; most important is that the internal drains are clear. If they are found to be blocked the builder will clear them but only if the A/C installation has not started.The internal unit is installed where the builder has positioned the pre-install box, the external unit is installed close by where the pipe work exits the fabric of the building. Because the external pipe work is in the open, it must be checked that no water could have got into the system. When commissioning the system a vacuum pump must be used to remove air from the pipe work, evaporate any moisture and lastly satisfy the engineer the system is airtight. Another facture that must be considered is the length of the pipe work run. The mid range units usually carry a factory refrigerant charge so the internal & external units can be no more than five metres apart, top of the range units seven metres. If your units are outside of these parameters, additional refrigerant gas needs adding to the system otherwise it will not function correctly.  We offer a FREE site survey to check all aspects of your pre-installation, photographs and a full site report are emailed to you for your records 

Typical internal pre-installed                            Typical external box
Taped drain hose can be seen
 Internalpre-install.jpgExternalPre-install.jpgrunning up hill