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Re-Gassing The Myth If your unit needs re-gassing, there are two main reasons for this. Firstly, the systems internal/eternal units are outside of their factory charge parameters, additional gas is added as per unit’s specification data. The second more common problem found is when the unit has lost all of its refrigerant gas. Before the system is charged, again the LEAK MUST BE FOUND   very often we arrive at the customer’s property to be asked the same question.  How often does the A/C need re-gassing?  The answer is that it shouldn’t, there is obviously a leak on the system this needs finding and rectified before charging the system. I like to explain it simply as if your car tyre was flat you wouldn’t keep pumping it up because it would go flat again, the leak needs fixing. Compressed air is free at most garages REFRIGERANT GAS IS EXPENSIVE

A Panasonic system having additional refrigerant gas added @ Condado de Alhama   


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